Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Gone Found, Benjamin Walker

After years of searching... years of wondering if i'd ever hear his melancholy voice carry me again through his obscure imaginations- We've got
Your Radio Nightlight.

So, So, So, So, So much thanks to
Panoptican of Ontological Damnation
and his investigating my querie through metafilter.
It seems from his writing about it, it's impossible to not remember where you were when you first heard BW (Fall 2000 Boston). His stories just go so beyond what i had ever read. For the unrushed listener, they span an hour or more, each spliced with rediculous, or horrifying, true and fictional interviews from persons and his own electronic sounds hypnotically filling up time.
So gather some friends, light a joint
and lie down on that mattress together,
it's storytime.